PhD Candidate (사진 준비 중)

황유진, Yujin Hwang
School of Management Engineering, IT Management
Research domain : Consumer Behavior, E-commerce, Recommendation System
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이형준, Alex Lee
School of Management Engineering, IT Management
Research domain : Entertainment and Media, Transmedia strategy
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양경철, Kyongchyol Yang
Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy
Research domain : Social Media, Open Data, Culture Contents,NLP
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김민성, Minseong Kim
Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy
Research domain : Digital Journalism, Digital literacy, Journalism AI
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Master’s Candidates (사진 준비 중)

손성민, Seongmin Son
School of Management Engineering, IT Management
Research domain : App Push Notification, Mobile Service User Behavior, Business Analytics
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김유진, Eugene Kim
School of Management Engineering, IT Management
Research domain : Digital Media, ICT Strategy and Industry, Media/Communication Policy
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김우현, WooHyun Kim
Master's Program in Future Strategy
Research domain : emphathy, narcissism, leadership

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김영우, Youngwoo Kim
Master's Program in Science Journalism
Research domain : legacy & new media mix, digital contents

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송영재, Yeong jae Song
Master's Program in Science Journalism

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임경아, Kyong Ah Lim
Master's Program in Science Journalism
Research domain : Digital Media, management

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PH.D (사진 준비 중)

-School of Management Engineering, IT Management
송해엽, Haeyeop Song
Kunsan National University Research domain: Technology, Media Industry, Media Management

Thesis : Platfrom Competition in the Video Game Console Industry Impacts of Software Quality and Exclusivity on Market Share(2016. 8)

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유은, Eun Yu
Samsung Electronics Research domain: User Engagement, Media Industry

Thesis : Essays on the Change of Media Consumption and Distribution(2020.8)

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임현석, Hyunsuk Im
Samsung Electronics Research domain: AI, Media Industry

Thesis : Concentration and Survival Analysis of Digital Music Industry in Korea(2017. 2)

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박신영, Shinyoung Park
Green Technology Center
Research domain : Media Communication, Information Processing, Sustainability

Thesis : The role of social media virality metrics in influence perception of pro-environmental messages and behavioral intentions

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-Management Engineering
강태영, Taeyoung Kang

Thesis : How can thumbnail images shape online profanity on web portals?(2020.8)

김진태, Jintae Kim

Thesis : Empirical study of the factors influencing the growth of personal media channel(2020.2)

유원상, Wonsang Yu

Thesis : Factors affecting the adoption of drone delivery(2018.2)

박재곤, Jaegon Park

Thesis : Digital music streaming services and the impact of ranking charts on music consumption(2018.2)

이슬기, Sulgee Lee

Thesis : Factors affecting users' continuance intention of car sharing service: Extension of the expectation-confirmation model(2017.2)

장정훈, Junghun Jang
NHN Entertainment

Thesis : Measuring performance, forecasting demand, and optimizing relocation for public bicycle system: An analysis of Daejeon Tashu users(2016.2)

김기준, GiJun Kim
Samsung Real Estate Consulting

Thesis : The effect of fit and durability in cause-related-marketing on user behavioral intention: Focusing on the effect of SNS channel and consumer's attribution(2014.2)

박건호, Gunho Park

Thesis : Why do free-to-play game users pay for? Mediating effects between flow and intention to purchase virtual assets(2014.2)

김다예, Dayae Kim

Thesis : A comparative study on usability before and after the Daum news photo gallery reorganization(2019.2)

강성권, Sungkwon Kang
Doosan Group

Thesis : Digital customer experience in online channels by purchase journey phases of home appliance customers(2018.9)

김 청, Chung Kim
Korea Airports Corporation

Thesis : Factors affecting postponement, rejection, and opposition to biometric boarding process(2018.9)

정찬용, Chanyong Jung
Afreeca TV

Thesis : Impact of interaction on the purchase of donation-items in the live streaming service: Focused on AfreecaTV(2017.8)

성은용, Eunyong Sung

Thesis : Multi channel network business status and future strategy(2017.8)

심언우, Eonyu Sim

Thesis : Conformity in online comments on news and community sites(2017.8)

김태균, Taegyun Kim
Yonhap News

Thesis : Limitations and potentials of card news: In-depth interviews with journalists and readers(2016.8)

김설예, Sulye Kim

Thesis : The impact of viewing motivation and patterns on continued use and willingness to pay in the personal broadcasting service.(2016.8)

박영준, Youngjun Park
LG Electronics

Thesis : Virtual reality market entry strategies for manufacturing companies: A case study on head mounted display(2016.8)

정재욱, Jaeyuk Jung

Thesis : A Study on the user resistance to HTML5(2015.8)

이돈영, Donyoung Lee
Samsung SDS

Thesis : Building the disaster preparedness model through IT disaster recovery case study(2015.8)

이진우, Jinyu Lee

Thesis : Study on results of push notification for smartphone game: Focusing on the number of users and revenue(2015.8)

-Master’s Program in Science Journalism
이정아, Junga Lee
Donga Science

Thesis : Changes and affecting factors of science issues in Korea: Focusing on cover stories of magazine(2018.2)

송효은, Hyoeun Song

Thesis : A study on ‘exclusive article’of entertainment news content: Focused on cause, content attribute, exposure and reaching effect(2018.2)

김은총, Eunchong Kim

Thesis : Korean adolescents' old and new media news usage and civic engagement(2018.2)

정영훈, Younghun Jung

Thesis : A study of news frame on controversy over evolutionary theory in science textbook(2014.2)

강병준, Byungjun Kang
Electronic Times

Thesis : Examination of solution for net neturality of smartTV based on three conflict types: Users vs Users, Users vs ISP/CP, and ISP vs CP(2012.2)

정연철, yeonchul Jung

Thesis : Analysis of broadcast news coverage of the science and technology: Representing reality in television news video and content analysis(2012.2)